A PURE PLACE is about two young siblings engulfed in a secret community located  on a remote Greek island, who are obsessed with soap and hygiene rituals. Funny, bizarre, poetic and tender, A PURE PLACE by award-winning director Nikias Chryssos follows up on his previous genre success DER BUNKER.

  • Director

    Nikias Chryssos

  • Version

    German (OV)
    with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Alexis von Wittgenstein
    (Violet Pictures)

  • Cast

    Sam Louwyck, Greta Bohacek, Claude Heinrich, Daniel Sträßer, Daniel Fripan, Lena Lauzemis, Wolfgang Czeczor

  • Genre

    Mystery Drama

  • Running Time

    91 min.

  • Release

    koch films, Germany
    November 25, 2021

  • Festivals

    Filmfest München | SLASH FF | Thessaloniki IFF | Utopia Fantastic IFF | Grimmfest Easter | Fantaspoa | Lighthouse FF | Beach Film Festival | Chattanooga Film Festival | Port Said FF | Popcorn Frights Film Festival

  • Awards

    Filmfest München - Best Director | Grimmfest Easter - Best Screenplay | Chattanooga Film Festival – Best International Feature

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  • Distribution Support

    Qualifies for German Films Distribution Support

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