Get ready for an exhilarating cinematic journey with us at this year’s Marché 2024! In the realm of Family & Fun, we return with the heartwarming adventure THE CHAOS SISTERS FEAT. PENGUIN PAUL that promises laughter, love, and a daring rescue mission. Brace yourselves for the enchanting sequel PLOEY 2 – LEGEND OF THE WINDS. Animation enthusiasts will also catch a glimpse of the captivating PIRATE MO AND THE LEGEND OF THE RED RUBY, adding a touch of magic to this family-friendly extravaganza. Joining the lineup in the Masters & Talents division is THE PROTECTED MEN, a provocative political satire, that shakes up gender dynamics. Comedy TWO TO ONE, starring SANDRA HÜLLER follows a group of clever east Germans, that use the chaotic post-GDR era to retrieve millions from an underground vault. MUENTER & KANDINSKY – THE BLUE RIDER is a deeply emotional love story between the founders of the most famous group of artists of Classical Modernism. And watch out for the powerful new drama NEVER ALONE by acclaimed Director Klaus Härö, that shines a light on the plight of Jewish refugees seaking sanctuary in Finland during WWII. For those seeking Thrills & Chills, high-stakes creature horror PAWS is joining the lineup. Betrayed by her team and hunted by a polar bear, a climate researcher stranded in the Arctic must forge an unlikely alliance with the apex predator.  Also returning is EARLY BIRDS, a gripping Neo-Noir narrative, merging Swiss filmmaking excellence with a globally resonant action thriller. And prepare for an intense journey with THE G, as a mysterious older woman seeks revenge in this dark crime thriller. So, whether you’re into Family Fun, Masters & Talents or seeking Thrills and Chills, meet us at the German Films Previews or reach out by mail.

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