The young couple Daniela and David are on their way home from Pakistan to Switzerland after months of travelling in a camper van. As they drive along the old Silk Road, they end up in the hands of violent criminals who abduct them and sell them to the Taliban. Eight months in captivity must pass before they free themselves from the Taliban’s clutches.
AND TOMORROW WE WILL BE DEAD is an intense film by Michael Steiner (THE SWISS MISS MASSACRE) and celebrated its world premiere as the opening film at the Zurich Film Festival 2021. It is based on a true story brought to life by Sven Schelker (GOLIATH) and Morgane Ferru (BERLIN SYNDROME).

  • Director

    Michael Steiner

  • Version

    Swiss German, English, Pashtu (OV)
    with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Reto Schaerli, Lukas Hobi
    (Zodiac Pictures Ltd)

  • Cast

    Morgane Ferru, Sven Schelker

  • Genre

    Drama, Thriller, Action

  • Running Time

    115 min.

  • Release

    The Walt Disney Company, Switzerland/Germany
    October 28, 2021

  • Festivals

    Zurich Film Festival | Bif&st-Bari IFF | Locarno Film Festival - Panorama Suisse

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    Qualifies for Swiss Films Distribution Support

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