Dessau Dancers - The Incredible Story of Breakdance in East Germany
Dessau Dancers

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Dessau, East Germany, 1985: 18-year-old Frank and his friends have been infected by Breakdance fever. At first they are suspiciously monitored by the ruling regime. But when the socialist government realizes that it cannot stop them, they try to exploit them instead. DESSAU DANCERS combines a certain nostalgia for East Germany a la Good Bye Lenin! with the impressive moves of youth-driven dance films such as the Step Up and StreetDance franchises.

  • Director

    Jan Martin Scharf

  • Version

    German (OV)
    with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Janna Velber

  • Cast

    Gordon Kämmerer, Sonja Gerhardt, Oliver Konietzny, Sebastian Jaeger, Wolfgang Stumph, Rainer Bock, Arvid Birnbaum, Lukas Steltner, Bernd Stegemann, Hilmar Eichhorn

  • Genre

    Dance, Family, History

  • Running Time

    90 min.

  • Release

    January 1, 0014

  • Festivals

    World Premiere Filmfest Munich 2014 | Filmkunstmesse Leipzig 2014 | TIFF Next Wave Film Festival 2015 | BUFF IFF 2015 | Gijón IFF 2015 (Enfants Terribles)

  • Awards

    Gijón IFF 2015 ”Enfants Terribles‚Äù Prize for Best Feature Film (over 13 years old)

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