In HEIMAT 2, the second season of the HEIMAT TRILOGY series originally titled „DIE ZWEITE HEIMAT“, we travel back to 1960 and capture the story of Maria’s son Hermann, who turns his back on his small village and goes to Munich to follow his dream and study music, finding one thing in particular: love and friendship.

HEIMAT 2 is a series that brilliantly captures the decade of cultural, social and political changes in a contemporary way. Over 25 hours long in total, director Edgar Reitz takes us on a journey back in time to the bohemian era of musicians, filmmakers and writers. He was awarded the special „Golden Lion“ prize in Venice for this monumental achievement and is still considered a pioneer of serial storytelling.

  • Director

    Edgar Reitz, Robert Busch

  • Version

    German (OV)
    with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Edgar Reitz

  • Cast

    Henry Arnold, Salome Kammer, Anke Sevenich, Daniel Smith, Gisela Mueller, Noemi Steuer, Michael Schoenborn, Hannelore Hoger, László I. Kish, Peter Weiss, Frank Roeth, Lena Lessing, Armin Fuchs, Martin Maria Blau, Franziska Traub

  • Genre


  • Running Time

    1532 min.

  • Release

    January 1, 1992

  • Festivals

    Adolf-Grimme-Preis 1993 | FernsehfilmFestival Baden-Baden 1994 | San Francisco International Film Festival 1994 | La Biennale di Venezia 1992 | London Film Festival 1992 | Nachshon, Goethe, Cinematheken 1992 | Rotterdam Film Festival 1993 | Göteborg Film Festival 1993 | Night Film Festival NAT 93 Kopenhagen 1993 | Dublin Film Festival 1993 | SVT International Stockholm 1993 | Mannheim Film Festival 2004 | Locarno Film Festival 2008

  • Awards

    Adolf Grimme Preis 1993 | Fernsehspielpreis Baden-Baden 1994 | Golden-Gate-Award San Francisco 1994 | Biennale Venice: Special Award Golden Lion 1992 | Lucchino Visconti-Prize Rome 1993 | Telestar Television Prize 1993 | Euope d’Honneur Cannes 1994 | Kultureller Ehrenpreis der Stadt München 1992

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