Heimat is about leaving and returning. About the respect one has for one’s work and home and about living on credit. About mothers and sons. About fathers and how early morning light shines into the room. About summer clothes and uniforms. About the three eggs on the window sill. About that first car and about radio tubes. About saying goodbye and the key behind the window shutter. About animals and motorcycles. About brothels in Berlin and about falling in love for the first time. About kitchens and attics. About aeroplanes and chocolate. About bomb-disposal units and discovering faith. It is about the differences between men and women. About the loaf of bread you hold up against your chest to slice. About pillows and chewing gums. About prayers during the night and weddings by proxy. About the hammer and the anvil. It is about the dawn of a new age and about grandmothers. About the construction of highways and feet that walk 5000 kilometres to get home. About a letter from the USA and about blueberries. About air raids, hair-do’s and bank loans. And always about rolling stones gathering no moss.

  • Director

    Edgar Reitz

  • Version

    German (OV)
    with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Edgar Reitz

  • Cast

    Gudrun Landgrebe, Marita Breuer, Dieter Schaad, Michael Lesch, Gertrud Bredel, Willi Burger

  • Genre

    Drama, History

  • Running Time

    940 min.

  • Release

    April 19, 1984

  • Festivals

    Venedig Film Festival | Montreal | Valladolid | Paris | Luxemburg | London FF | New Director’s Film Festival New York | Stattkino Luzern | Filmmuseum Niederlande | Mannheim Film Festival | Filmfestival (Turkey)

  • Awards

    British Academy Award 1986 | English Critic’s Prize 1985 | Adolf Grimme Preis 1984 & 1985 | Die Goldene Kamera 1984 | Fipresci Prize Venice 1984 | Deutscher Kritikerpreis 1984 | Staatskunstpreis Mainz 2000

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