In this real-time one-shot-horror film, the heavily pregnant protagonist discovers the brutal colonial history of her fiance’s family, gets caught in the claws of a haunted house and an ancient family curse. Will she be able to free her and her family?

HOME SWEET HOME is a one-shot horror film told in real time by director and screenwriter Thomas Sieben. Produced by Constantin Film, the film is a must-see that burns itself into your retinas.


  • Director

    Thomas Sieben

  • Version

    German (OV) with Englisch subtitles,
    English (Dub)

  • Produced by

    Constanze Guttmann, Friederich Oetker, Benedikt Böllhoff, Max Frauenknecht
    (Constantin Film Produktion GmbH)

  • Cast

    Nilam Farooq, Justus von Dohnányi, David Kross, Olga von Luckwald, FATONI, Karl Schaper

  • Genre


  • Running Time

    84 min.

  • Release

    Constantin Film Verleih
    January 25, 2024

  • Festivals

    FrightFest London 2023; Splat!FilmFest Warsaw; Imagine Filmfestival Amsterdam

  • Year


  • Status


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A real-time, one-shot shocker unlike any other, featuring a tour-de-force performance from actor Nilam Farooq.