„Never Alone“ tells the gripping story of Jewish refugees seeking safety in Finland during WWII. As Nazi influence grows, a Jewish leader must risk everything to protect his community. This powerful film showcases courage, resilience, and the fight for hope amidst overwhelming adversity.

From the celebrated director Klaus Härö, known for Oscar-shortlisted „The Fencer“ and Golden Globe-nominated „My Sailor, My Love,“ comes a powerful true story of resilience and defiance. Based on actual events during World War II, „Never Alone“ shines a light on the plight of Jewish refugees seeking sanctuary in Finland and the unwavering hero who risked everything to protect them.

  • Director

    Klaus Härö

  • Version

    Finnish, Swedish, German (OV) with English subtitles

  • Produced by

    Ilkka Matila
    (Matila Röhr Productions Oy)

  • Cast

    Ville Virtanen, Nina Hukkinen, Rony Herman

  • Genre


  • Running Time

    85 min.

  • Release

    Nordisk Film
    January 17, 2025

  • Year


  • Status

    In Post-Production

  • Distribution Support

    Finnish Distribution Support

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