In a time when terrible pirates roamed the seven seas, a child, called Mo, grows up aboard a ragtag ship with a crew of sea dogs and the ship’s pet goat. Mo, who grows up to be a brave and feisty girl, must face her father’s pirate career and endure many trials as she tries to understand the mystery of her birth. And yet, she must find the Blood Red Ruby of Fortune to restore peace and harmony to the land….

PIRATE MO AND THE LEGEND OF THE RED RUBY is a family adventure full of heart, courage and hope for a better world, led by a young girl whose bravery is only surpassed by her heroism. From the producers of „The Amazing Maurice“, „Niko And The Way To The Stars“, „Rabbit Academy“ & „Tad The Lost Explorer“.

  • Director

    Florian Westermann

  • Version

    English (OV)

  • Produced by

    Emely Christians, Sonja Matthes
    (Ulysses Filmproduktion GmbH, Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH, arx anima animation studio GmbH )

  • Cast


  • Genre

    Animation, Family Entertainment

  • Running Time

    80 min.

  • Release

    DCM, Germany + Austria

  • Year


  • Status

    In Production

  • Distribution Support

    Qualifies for German Films Distribution Support

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