According to a legend, Plovers are the couriers of spring and without them summer won’t come to the northern hemisphere. When the world is threatened with an endless winter a young idealistic plover gathers a company of feathered misfits to foil the plans of the evil Ice Queen. Ploveria abandons her boyfriend and their comfortable life in the south to head north in the fellowship with her new friends to take on the Ice Queen and her fearsome army of ravens, with the aim of securing the arrival of spring and to fulfil an ancient legend.

  • Director

    Gunnar Karlsson

  • Version

    English (OV)

  • Produced by

    Hilmar Sigurðsson, Haukur Sigurjónsson

  • Genre

    Family Animation

  • Running Time

    80 min.

  • Release


  • Year


  • Status

    In financing

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