A mysterious older woman (Ann Hunter, AKA „The G“) seeks revenge on a corrupt legal guardian who tore her life apart. Trapped in an exploitative eldercare system, Ann begins to show the true force of her character as she and her loyal granddaughter Emma fight to get her life back, and get revenge on the people who did this to her.

Karl R. Hearne’s second film is a highly atmospheric „winter noir“, inspired in part by his own family experience.  It’s a character-driven dark thriller featuring a riveting performance by Dale Dickey in the lead role.  Critics have universally praised the film, which mixes dark humour, implicit social commentary and intense genre elements to powerful effect. John Bleasdale (Variety) called the The G „a gender flipping tale of violent revenge… an original and entertaining thriller.”

  • Director

    Karl R. Hearne

  • Version

    English (OV)

  • Produced by

    Karl R. Hearne, José Lacelle
    (3Buck Productions)

  • Cast

    Dale Dickey, Romane Denis, Bruce Ramsay, Roc Lafortune, Christian Jadah

  • Genre

    Dark Thriller/Crime Drama

  • Running Time

    99 min.

  • Release

    Level Film

  • Festivals

    Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2023, Glasgow Film Festival 2024, Bari Film Festival 2024 - Best Actress Award for Dale Dickey, 4th Reims Polar Film Festival 2024, Fantaspoa, FANT Bilbao, Filmfest Munich

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