Finn (10) feels lonely and forgotten. Since his parents’ divorce, he travels back and forth between his two homes by train. On his first unaccompanied journey, he is robbed by a man on the train and later meets the energetic 12-year-old Jola by chance. A wild ride on a stolen tractor to the Baltic Sea begins as they are searched for by the police. They overcome dangerous traps, meet many interesting people and, above all, get to know themselves.

WHAT THE FINN is an endearing and funny road movie for the whole family about finding courage and self-confidence. Based on a German children’s book and directed by award-winning director Stefan Westerwelle and the producers of “MOUNTAIN MIRACLE”, “DEAR MR. FÜHRER” and “RUBY RED TRILOGY”, took home the Golden Slipper Award at the ZLIN Film Festival.

  • Director

    Stefan Westerwelle

  • Version

    German (OV) with Englisch subtitles

  • Produced by

    Philipp Budweg & Klaus Döring

  • Cast

    Miran Selcuk, Lotte Engels, Leslie Malton, Joachim Foerster, Gisa Klake, Heiko Pinkowski, Ekrem Bpóra Mirja Boes und Felix von Manteuffel

  • Genre

    Children`s Film, Road Movie

  • Running Time

    94 min.

  • Release

    August 17, 2023

  • Festivals

    Zlín Film Festival - International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Czech Republic), MICE Filmfestival Valencia, Filem’On Film Festival for young audiences (Belgium), Just Film Youth and Children’s Film Festival (Tallinn), Gijón/Xixón Film Festival – Enfants Terribles, 28th Sofia International Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival

  • Awards

    Golden Slipper Zlín 2023 – Best Feature Film for Children, Association of German Film Critics 2023 - Best children's film

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  • Status


  • Distribution Support

    Qualifies for German Films Distribution Support

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